Hawaiian Immersion

Kumu ‘Ôlelo Ipolani Vaughan


Kealaleo offers a variety of  workshops/classes to individuals as well as institutions, hälau and community based groups.

Our workshops offered consist of many different levels, beginning with the  basic introduction to hawaiian language colors, numbers, commands, and introductory patterns to locational sentences, negation, tenses, time, possessives, situation emphatc and relative clause.   Kealaleo stresses conversational hawaiian and it is the progress of the students that forms the curriculum.

The length of regular scheduled classes is from a period of one to three years.  Each class session ranges from three to four hours in length with a thirty minute meal break in between. An initial commitment of a one year period is required upon registration.  Once a class commences, there is a thirty day period in which new students are welcome to join.  At the ending of this month period, the class is officially closed.   

If you  are interested in a workshop or joining a new class, you may contact Kumu Ipolani. 

Kumu Ipolani: